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UR GLAM, the Makeup Brand from Daiso Japan

Last Updated on 2022-03-06 by Teni

It’s no secret that you can buy makeup at 100 yen stores in Japan. But, have you heard of UR GLAM, the makeup brand from Daiso Japan?

UR GLAM launched in April 2019, starting with Daiso stores in Osaka. With a motto of “Sexy and Healthy Makeup,” this is Daiso’s way of staking their claim in the puchi pura (プチプラ | affordable) makeup market. 

In all, there are 98 products in the UR GLAM lineup, (as of publication. Its lineup includes eye shadows, lip glosses and lipsticks, blush, pressed powder, liquid eyeliner, concealer, mascara, shading and highlight sticks, and even  makeup brushes, nail polishes, and nail polish remover.

UR GLAM has since become one of my favorite Japanese brands, which I profile in this post: Japanese Makeup Brands and Japanese Makeup Products You Need To Try.

The packaging is cute, though it could do without the excess packaging. However, I think it’s incredibly creative that Daiso gave every single product its own set of hashtags. Marketing at other brands should take notes!

I’ve been seeing UR GLAM products all over my Explore page since the brand launched this April.
Naturally, when I finally came across the brand at a Daiso store, I had to get a few things. I picked up several of their products when I visited Daiso in Kinshicho two weeks ago.

Below are the products that I bought, all basics to add to my pool/travel bag.



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Lip Gloss

The gloss goes on sheer, but it doesn’t feel like there’s any product on the wand. I end up applying what feels like twenty coats and yet it still doesn’t feel like much. So, yay for a lightweight forumla, I guess…?

Volume Mascara

Compared to the formula of my current mascara, Deja Vu, this one isn’t  goopy and I don’t need to wipe off excess product. The results don’t give a WOW factor but it’s great as a backup mascara for traveling/on the go. It’s also semi-waterproof and removes gently with an oil cleanser (I use Dove Botanical Selection Makeup Remover Oil — it’s made in Japan! For more oil cleansers, see this post: Top Japanese Cleansing Oils).

Eyebrow Pencil

My biggest gripe about this eyebrow pencil is that it’s just too thin. I have to be careful when using it because the tip breaks easily. The spoolie, however, is sturdy and doesn’t bend easily.

I also like the cap on this product. Usually when I buy 100 yen eyebrow pencils the plastic cap breaks or comes off at random times.

Liquid Eyeliner

This is a semi-waterproof liquid eyeliner with a firm brush that gives a very thick and dramatic line. I personally prefer a thin line so I have to be sure to use it at just the right angle.


It doesn’t show well, but the blush has shimmer in it! If I had known, I would have chosen an orange tone for summer. Because the blush is decently pigmented, I think I’ll try UR GLAM eye shadow next if I can find an eyebrow palette.

Check out the full UR GLAM lineup at the official website: https://urglammakeup.com/

UR GLAM products are making their way to Daiso stores across Japan, but all products might  not be available at your closest Daiso. Nevertheless, happy searching!