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Inokashira Sports Land, The Mini Theme Park Inside Inokashira Park Zoo

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Have you gotten your fall foliage fix yet? Last weekend’s Tokyo day trip took little Kaiju and me to Inokashira Sports Land, mini theme park inside Inside Inokashira Park Zoo.

Inokashira Park Zoo (井の頭自然文化園 | inokashira shizen bunka en), as the name might suggest, is on the grounds of Inokashira Park (井の頭公園 | inokashira kouen), one of  Tokyo’s best urban retreats and autumn destinations.

It was also a wonderful opportunity for my girl to strut her stuff in the latest fall fashion from Fashionistots. (FYI: As a brand ambassador, little Kaiju reps Fashionistots hard on the weekends.)

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Mini fashionista OOTD aside, we had splendid day at Inokashira Park Zoo, and it’s all because of Inokashira Sports Land, the kidde theme park on its grounds.

Entrance to the zoo is 400 yen for adults and free for children 12 and younger. The admission fee includes access to the theme park on the Main Zoo (本園 | honen) lawn.

However, tickets are required for 6 rides while 2 attractions only accept 100 yen coins.

Tickets can be purchased individually for 100 yen, a set of 11 for 1,000 yen, or a set of 50 for 4,000 yen.

Ticket Rides

Shinkansen (新幹線)

Sky Basket (スカイバスケット | sukai basuketto)

Merry Go Round (メリーゴーランド | meri- go- raundo)

Animal March (動物行進 | doubutsu shinkou)

Teacups (ティーカップ | ti-kappu)

100 Yen Rides

Mini Cars (ミニカー | mini ka-)

Arborvite (木馬類 | mokuba rui)

“Arborvite” are the typical rocking cars that play music that you find in shopping malls.
Do note that any child over 1 years of age needs a ticket for any ride. All rides require a paying adult to accompany children if they are under 4 (4才未満 | yon sai miman) or under 5 (5  才未満 | go sai miman).
I chose the 11 tickets for 1,000 yen deal and still have 3 tickets left over even after riding everything together except the Animal March.

More About Inokashira Sports Land

The sign near Hana no Cafe (named after the zoo’s beloved elephant, Hanako-chan), simply says ゆうえんち (yuuenchi | theme park).
However, the theme park is actually Inokashira Sports Land (井の頭スポーツランド).
Built in 1953, it’s a relic of days gone by, with cries of natsukashii (懐かしい | “This takes me back!”) ringing in the air.

If you need a rest from all the fun, directly opposite Hana no Cafe is a spacious green lawn with tables. Bring your own snacks/bento or get something from the cafe.

While you’re on the lawn, perhaps your mini train spotters will catch a glimpse of the JR Chuo Line that runs from Tokyo (東京) west to Hachioji (八王子), Ome (青梅), and beyond.

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Toilets and baby changing facilities are located between the monkey enclosure and the curiously popular Squirrel Trail.

How To Get There

Inokashira Sports Land is located in the Main Zoo area of Inokashira Zoo on Inokashira Park Station of the Keio Inokashira Line.

Wheelchair and stroller users can enter the park via the flat path a few meters ahead.

Have you been to Inokashira Park or its zoo? It’s certainly worth a visit, especially in the spring and fall!

Inokashira Sports Land, The Mini Theme Park Inside Inokashira Park Zoo

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