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Shopping in Japan

My 5 Favorite Places to Shop in Japan For Women’s Clothes and Shoes

Last Updated on 2024-02-29 by Teni

Whether you’re in need of essential seasonal pieces  or looking to try the latest trends, shopping in Japan can be tricky. This is why I’m sharing my 5 favorite places to shop in Japan for women’s clothes and shoes.

For more in-depth coverage of shopping in Japan and fashion tips, check out the followup to this post, “What (Not)To Wear in Japan: A complete guide for professional women in Japan.”

My 5 Favorite Places to Shop in Japan For Women’s Clothes and Shoes 

My 5 Favorite Places to Shop in Japan For Women's Clothes and Shoes Banner

Personally, I prefer to do all my clothes and shoe shopping online via Rakuten in order to earn points! However, when I do have time, I like to go in-store, especially to drop by Uniqlo and Itsdemo. These days, I’m especially all about PayPay and GU, and also like to shop in person in order to take advantage of the in-app coupons and bonus point promotions!

1. AmiAmi




AmiAmi online store(@amiami_official_)がシェアした投稿

Shoe shopping online can be such a pain sometimes! But, AmiAmi is my favorite online shoe store in Japan because they have excellent service and a great selection of reasonably priced shoes, from sneakers to pumps to sandals, rain boots and more.

What I like most about AmiAmi is their free shipping on orders over 2,000 yen and same day-shipping on orders placed by 13:00. It’s also worth mentioning that AmiAmi also has a FREE return/exchange service.

AmiAmi Amazon Japan Store // AmiAmi Official Website 

2. ItsDemo

ItsDemo is a retailer that I profiled in my “shopping for makeup in Japan” posts. Along with beauty products, ItsDemo also sells clothing, shoes, amd accessories. 

The style of clothes sold at ItsDemo is called kirei me kajuaru (きれいめカジュアル) or kire kaju (キレカジュ) for short. Think sophisticated business casual: chiffon blouses, creased trousers, pleated skirts, and such.

ItsDemo stores are usually located inside of shopping malls attached to major JR stations, which is how I first became familiar with the brand. I’d casually window shop on my way to work, then shop during my lunch break (naturally on days when I could earn bonus JRE Points!).

ItsDemo Official Website 

3. Oriental Traffic

Oriental Traffic is hands-down my favorite place for shoe shopping in Japan. I find that they have a better (looking) selection of smaller and bigger shoe sizes, especially when it comes to sandals, fashionable rain boots, and waterproof pumps. (Their size range is 21.5cm~26.5cm)

Oriental Traffic frequently has online sales, but I’ve always had great luck when browsing their sales racks in person. Plus, if you love earning Rakuten points, you can also earn bonus points when shopping in-store!

Oriental Traffic Amazon Japan Store // Oriental Traffic Official Website

4. La Gemme

I bought a winter clothing fukubukuro from La Gemme a few years back and everything has held up wonderfully. Ever since then, I’ve been a fan!

Most of the clothing La Gemme stocks is what I consider “kindergarten mom style” AKA otona kajuaru (大人カジュアル). But, many of their pieces are great for the office, work/school functions, and date nights, too!

La Gemme Official Website 

5. Uniqlo




UNIQLO Global(@uniqlo)がシェアした投稿

Uniqlo is great for the basics like seasonal undergarments (Airism, Heat Tech) and professional wear. I also love their super stretchy high waist skinny trousers! 

But, being perfectly honest, I find their selection of “regular” clothes to be very underwhelming, even its collaboration collections (except for the men’s anime T-shirt collections).

With that said, Uniqlo is a great place to shop when you’re on a budget as the ends of the aisles typically have discount bins. Look carefully, and you’ll find merchandise marked down as low as 1,000 or even 500 yen!  I usually end up picking a few things for myself when I shop in-store for my daughter.

Uniqlo Official Website

Honorable Mentions

Akachan Honpo (アカチャンホンポ)

Akachan Honpo” means “baby headquarters,” but if you’re pregnant, it’s the place to go for all your needs including maternity clothes and post-partum undergarments, nursing capes, and diaper bags!

Even though this post is about shopping for women’s clothing and shoes in Japan, I will mention that Akachan Hompo also has a FANTASTIC selection of supplements for pregnant & nursing women. They also have a solid selection of caffeine-free teas & coffees, and non-alcoholic beverages, too.

Akachan Honpo has its own point scheme and is also under the “Seven & i” umbrella. This means that you can use your Nanaco card or Seven card for purchases, too!

GU (ジーユー)


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I hereby take back what I’ve always said about GU being “too young” for me! As of summer 2023, GU (along with MUJI below) has officially become the only place where I spend my yen on clothes. Since I’m right under 160 cm, it does takes some time to find clothes that fit my frame. Once I pick out a few pieces that fit, I head over to the shoe section to pick up a full outfit.

It’s taken me a while to get used to GU’s sizing, but now that I’ve got a hang of things, I’ve recently begun to take advantage of its Order and Pick function on the official app. I shop online in the morning and head to GU to pick up my items on my lunch break!

MUJI (無印良品)


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MUJI has actually always been one of my top recommendations when it comes to shopping for makeup and skincare products in Japan.  However, this summer, I picked up a few of their French sleeve T-shirts and love the fit, quality, and durability. My only issue with MUJI is that the sizing and fit can be hit or miss with my frame so I need 1-2 hours in order to try on items. With that said, the upside to shopping at MUJI is that you can also shop for cosmetics, home decor, stationery, and food!

MUJI Amazon Japan Store // MUJI Official Website

My 5 Favorite Places to Shop in Japan For Women’s Clothes and Shoes 



This is a semi-follow up to my posts, “My 5 Favorite Places to Shop in Japan for Baby and Toddler Clothes.”!

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