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Nail Art Interview With Lifestyle Blog Lookvine

Last Updated on 2018-07-30 by Teni

Somehow along the way, images of my nail art caught the attention of Lookvine, a lifestyle blog profiling influencers and bloggers around the world.
Lookvine reached out to me at the end of June for an photo-blog featuring nail art.

You can see the complete blog post, Cool Elegant Nail Art Designs That You’ll Love.
But, the entire interview was not posted in full, so here are my full interview answers:

1. What is one fashion rule you never break?

Leggings/yoga pants as everyday wear. You’ll only catch me in leggings or yoga pants when I’m working out or out walking the dog!

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2. What interests you in Nail Art?

What I love most about nail art here in Japan is that there are no limitations. The characteristic Japanese work ethic comes alive in a nail artist’s work. They pay great attention to detail and the customer service is amazing.

From gel colors to nail art accessories to seasonal and trendy designs, there is always something new to try with nail art in Japan, no matter where you go. The possibilities are truly endless.

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3. What styling advice would you give to your younger self??

Stop what you are doing and put those tweezers down! Thin eyebrows are hard to grow out!

4. How would you describe a perfect nail art look and is there a person who is an inspiration to you for this?

The “perfect” nail art look is one that perfectly captures your personality and personal style.  My inspiration is any mom out there determined to look good and have it all… because I want it all, too!

5. One tip you would like to give to our readers?

You may not be able to recreate your salon hairdo or perfect a YouTube makeup tutorial, but manicured nails will never let you down!

For more nail art, follow me on Instagram (@wadateni) and check out the work of the talented ladies at Goldy (@nailsalongoldy)!

Nail Art Interview With Lifestyle Blog Lookvine

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