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Japanese Makeup Trends With Excel 2021 Autumn Collection

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It’s time for chunky knit sweaters, ankle boots, and plenty of sweet potato and pumpkin treats! And, what better way to welcome this seasonal change than by adding those sultry colors to your makeup routine. Here’s how to incorporate the latest Japanese makeup trends with Excel autumn collection.

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I just got my hands on the autumn collection from Japanese makeup brand Excel, courtesy of the October 2021 Raxy Beauty Box

A bit about Raxy before I get into all the Japanese autumn makeup trends. Raxy is a monthly subscription service offered through Rakuten Japan that I first signed up for in the summer of 2018. Not only that, I attended my first ever “influencer” event through a Raxy PR event. Plus, I also had a 6 month stint as an official Raxy Ambassador. Needless to say, Raxy and I go way back!

I originally signed up for Raxy because I wanted to try Japanese skincare products. Occasionally, my box will come with one or two makeup products, like concealer or lip gloss or mascara. I was completely thrown off guard when I opened up a box full of gorgeous autumn makeup from Excel! 

Excel (エクセル) is a Japanese makeup brand with the tagline “Tokyo Rich Casual.” Since its launch in 1987, the brand has continually drawn inspiration from the high-paced beauty and fashion trends of Tokyo. The brand offers mid-range makeup quality at drugstore prices.  Excel is also one of the brands featured in my post, Japanese Makeup Brands and Japanese Makeup Products You Need To Try.

Among their makeup items, Excel Skinny Rich eyeshadow quads, and 3-in-1 eyebrow pencils make frequent appearances in Japanese beauty magazines and blogs. 

Japanese Makeup Trends With Excel Autumn Collection

The Excel autumn collection comes complete with richly pigmented cool, neutral, and warm tones that can be used to create subtle daytime and intense evening looks. 

These days, I don’t wear much foundation, but I love experimenting with lipstick and eyeshadow. And, now that I’m a full-time content creator/entrepreneur working mainly at home, I personally find that putting on a bit of makeup (and changing clothes!)  helps me mentally transition from morning mom duties into “work mode.”

All the Excel products featured in this review are formulated with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients like squalene and ceramides. (And, they’re plant-based, too!)

EYES: Illumi Couture Shadow

The Illumi Couture Shadows are 6 creamy pearlescent eyeshadows that subtly illuminate the eyes without any messy glitter fall-out.

From left to right: IC04 Rum Raisin | IC06 Chocolate Fudge | IC03 Planetarium | IC02 Halation | IC01 Moontrip | IC05 Cinnamon Chai

The lighter shades have an interplanetary space theme. The deep shades are rich like the indulgent autumn treats they’re named after:

Each shade goes on sheer, yet they are very pigmented and buildable. I find the formula to be very moisturizing and long lasting, with little feathering or creasing.

These cream eyeshadows can be applied using a brush or your fingers. Combine the shades for a nuanced gradation look. 

Available on Amazon Japan

Cheeks: Auratic Blush

The Auratic Blushes are one of Excel’s most popular items, and I must say that they remind me of the hit NARS Orgasm blush. Each of the 5 shades of Auratic Blush mimics the skin’s natural flush by combining rosy colors topped off with a subtle sheer highlight. AB01 Peach & Peach is a soft, romantic rosy hue.

What I like about this product is that each compact comes with a brush that’s actually worth using. Unlike blushes that come with those itty bitty brushes, the Excel brush picks up and evenly applies pigment in one swoop, adding dimension in the process. 

Available on Amazon Japan 

LIPS: Glaze Balm Lip & Nuance Gloss Oil

I have worn more lipstick in this past year than I have probably ever worn in my entire adult life! It’s pretty funny considering that masks are an essential part of going out these days. (That is, when I manage to get out!) 

Maybe it doesn’t make sense to wear lipstick these days. But, for me, I find that wearing lipstick, especially bold shades, adds a touch of excitement to my day. Bold lipstick is a must for Zoom calls — It looks like I’ve gone out of my way to do a full face of makeup! 

In my previous lifetime, I always stuck to sheer or nude tones in the classroom so that my lipstick color didn’t rub off when hugging or picking up my students. But, now I’m straight up hooked on vibrant berry hues. These two Excel lip products — Glaze Balm Lip and Nuance Gloss Oil — are a welcome addition to my (growing) lipstick collection.

Top: Nuance Gloss Oil in GO04 Dry Fig; Bottom: Glaze Balm Lip in GB06 Chocolat Berry

Glaze Balm Lip

First up is the Glaze Balm Lip, which comes in 12 different shades. The one that I got, GB06 Chocolat Berry, is a gorgeous red with brown tones. It’s sexy, edgy, and refined. Plus, look at how elegant the lipstick tube is!

Though it looks like a high-end lipstick, the formula of the Glaze Lip Balm is true to its name. It practically glides onto my lips and feels very nourishing thanks to the 4 kinds of ceramides and argan oil in its formula. Yet, unlike a lip balm, the color is incredibly intense and long-lasting. 

Available on Amazon Japan | Dokodemo

Nuance Gloss Oil

The Nuance Gloss Oil comes in 5 shades. Its formula blends 7 different  plant-based oils like argan oil, grapeseed oil, mango seed oil, and macadamia nut oil, to keep lips moist.

I received GO04 Dry Fig, a medium-dark plum hue that gives the lips a sexy and sheer tinted look. It’s a fantastic way to add depth to the lips without going overboard on color. 

I am not a fan of the plastic applicator. However, the product glides onto the lips effortlessly and does not leave any gummy residue or a tacky feel. Even when I rub my lips together they don’t stick at all! It honestly feels like I’m wearing nothing yet my lips stay super moist. 

Available on Amazon Japan

Japanese Makeup Trends With Excel Autumn Collection

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