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Pixi Beauty #PixiPretties Palette Collection

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Hi everyone! I’m back with the latest installment of The Beauty Files. It’s a 3 part series review of two wonderful Pixi Beauty PR packages that I received. The first installment is all about the Pixi Beauty #PixiPretties Palette Collection. 

These products were gifted to me by Pixi Beauty, and all thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links which means that The Wagamama Diaries makes a small commission of items you purchase at no additional cost to you.

About Pixi Beauty

If you enjoy reading beauty blogs and searching for makeup inspo on Pinterest, there’s no doubt you’ve come across the brand, Pixi Beauty. After all, it certainly stands out with its cute mint green and sakura pink packaging with gold embellishments. 

What Pixi Beauty brings to the beauty sphere is quality makeup and skincare at affordable prices — and a good amount of its products are vegan and cruelty-free, too! The London-based brand launched 20 years ago, and Pixi Beauty is about enhancing one’s natural beauty through “youth enhancing multipurpose products.” 

Pixi Beauty #PixiPretties Palette Collection

Pixi Beauty #PixiPretties Palette Collection was co-created by the brand’s founder, Petra, and 4 #PixiPretties, well-established beauty influencers who created 4 gorgeous palettes to be used as:

  1. Eyeshadow

  2. Highlighters & Body Shimmers

  3. Contour & Bronzers

  4. Blushes & Lipsticks

MIND YOUR OWN GLOW Radiance Palette

Designed by Makeup By Denise, this multi-use 9 color glow palette uses natural mineral pigments to add radiance and luminosity to the face. All colors can be used individually as highlighters and body shimmers or they can be mixed or layered to create multiple looks. 

This palette immediately spoke to me — I hardly use anything other than nude eyeshadows. So, I loved how easy it was to apply, blend, and build these colors with my existing eyeshadow quads. Over the summer, I often posted Instagram Stories using the tongue-in-cheek hashtag  #sweatismyhighlighter. The Mind Your Own Glow colors do an excellent job of recreating that natural highlight.  

CREAM ROUGE PALETTE Cream Colour Palette

The Cream Rouge Palette by Louise Rose consists of 25 creamy rouges. You can use them on the lips and cheeks. Like the other #PixiPretties Palettes, these are rich in pigment.  But, you can also be mix and layer them for a custom look. 

Even though masking is still part of our everyday reality, I enjoy wearing a bold lip around the house. I already have plenty of lipsticks thanks to my Raxy and My Little Box subscription boxes, but forgitaly my dear Miss M was more than willing to test these shades on herself! 

I genuinely enjoyed our mommy-daughter makeup session. Plus, the Cream Rouge Palette uses Rosehip Seed Oil and Vitamin E  to  smooth, condition, nourish, and protect the lips, so I had no mommy guilt in letting her “play with makeup” (that I applied on her. Besides, she already wore lipstick, blush and eyeshadow for her Shichi Go San pictures and shrine visit. What’s the difference between that and having some makeup fun at home?)


The Mind Your Glow palette stole my heart. However, the real MVP for me is the Shapeshifter Palette by Promise Tamang. I used it  to create a “soft glam”  full face look. Now, my everyday makeup look is basically no makeup at all, really, save for mascara and eyeliner. I’ll fill in my brows and apply eyeshadow if I have some official [EDO BEAUTY LAB] errands to run. I barely use the foundation!

Now, for a full face, I wanted to go back to my “gyaru” days, when I wouldn’t leave the house before applying primer, liquid & powder foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, false lashes, contour, highlighter, blush and lipstick!

The Shapeshifter Palette is a multi-use palette that takes care of contour and highlight. Use the 9 shades to create dimension and depth. I would have LOVED this in my gyaru days!

TONES & TEXTURES Eyeshadow Palette

Tina Yong’s Tones & Textures palette contains 25 versatile shades that takes care of everything from a natural day look to evening glam. Each color is rich in pigment. In addition, there’s a wonderful mix of textures and finishes, from silky mattes to radiant metallics.

After using the Shapeshifter Palette to create a full face, I’ve been playing with the idea of getting back into makeup. Since temperatures are finally starting to drop in Tokyo, I feel like using the Tones & Textures palette to experiment with some autumn looks. After all, autumn is the best time to experience Japan (in my humble opinion). I’m  looking forward to some seasonal #stayhome/#staylocal adventure!

 Pixi Beauty #PixiPretties Palette Collection — Final Thoughts

As a first-time user of Pix Beauty, I’m absolutely delighted that I finally got to try their makeup products!

My beauty interests lean towards skincare, but I do wear makeup occasionally. These #PixiPretties palettes range from $18 to $24 USD and are an excellent way to start a makeup collection as you’ll only need to add foundation, concealer, and mascara.

Have you ever tried Pixi Beauty? What do you think of these #PixiPretties?

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