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Raxy, the Beauty Box from Rakuten Japan

Last Updated on 2020-12-28 by Teni

After much deliberation, I decided to subscribe to my very first beauty box. Naturally, I chose Raxy, the beauty box from Rakuten Japan. The idea of trying new beauty and skincare products while racking up Rakuten points was too good of an opportunity to pass up!

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What is Raxy?

Before I dive into the contents of the box for August, let me explain a bit about Raxy.
Raxy (RAXY or ラクシー) is a monthly subscription box with contents tailored to your beauty profile (ビューティーカルテ).

The beauty profile features your skin tone (肌の色), skin type (肌質), and biggest skin concern (肌の悩み).

It also stores your preferred shades of eyeshadow(アイシャドウの色), eyeliner (アイライナーの色, eyebrows (アイブロウの色)) mascara(マスカラの色), blush (チークの色), and lipstick (リップの色)

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Finally, the beauty profile has a few questions about your favorite type makeup products (興味のあるメイクアップ), favorite type of skincare products (興味のあるスキンケア) and whether you would like a box that’s mainly skincare or mainly makeup (興味のあるジャンル).

Raxy is 1,980 yen monthly, which includes tax and shipping costs. Or, you can sign up for the 3-month subscription for 7,140 yen, which comes out to 2,380 yen a month (including tax and shipping costs).

As of August 2020, Raxy is now 2,480 yen a month.

Raxy boxes arrive around the 25th of the following month that you signed up. For example, if you signed up on April 17th, your first Raxy box will arrive around May 25th.
I signed up for my Raxy box in early July and completely forgot about it until it arrived late last month!

Contents of August 2018 Raxy Beauty Box

炭酸革命ココナッツパラダイス | Tansan Kakumei Coconut Paradise

I love carbonated water, so seeing 炭酸 (tansan)  on the label piqued my interest. This foaming fizzy face pack uses coconut oil to remove impurities but smells minty.
You have to mix two different powders together for it to foam up, then you stick your face in it for 3-5 minutes.

リーリオ スパクレンジングゲル | Lirio Spa Clensing Gel

I ran out of my favorite cleaning gel, so i enjoyed using this one as a backup. The smell is faint but pleasant and I’m still trying to figure out what it reminds me of.

リーリオ エッセンス
Lirio Toner

The story behind Lilio is that the founder spent a few years living in the mountains of Ecuador. She created a product to reverse the skin damaged caused by the intense UV rays. This is only a sample so I have no idea how well Lilio works. This stuff is incredibly pricey so I highly doubt I’d buy it full price even if it could reverse sun damage.

BBIA プラッシュシャドー 別れの春 | BBIA Plush Eyeshadow in Wakare no Haru (Spring Fling’s End)

Because I really needed another shade of brown eyeshadow ! BBIA is actually a Korean brand. This is a high-pigment, velvety eyeshadow that works well alone or with other colors. I’ll put this one in my travel bag to use when I’m on the go.

ハホニコ18コラシルクミニボトルセット シャンプー・リンス | Hahonico 18 Colla Silk Shampoo and Conditioner

Hahonico is a brand that’s very new to me. Their shampoos and conditioners are frequently used in Japanese hair sa. It contains collagen and silk extracts hence the name “Colla Silk” and the 18 comes from the total number of natural ingredients/extracts.

This shampoo and treatment probably doesn’t suit my hair type but it’s nice to have in my pool bag. It’s to revitalize hair that’s been damaged by the sun’s UV rays, making it perfect for summer.

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Overall Impression of Raxy August 2018 Beauty Box

This is my first beauty box ever, so I have nothing to use for a litmus test. I enjoyed the fizzy face pack, eyeshadow, and cleansing gel.

Next month’s theme is “A little autumn” (ほんのり秋). I’m a huge fan of fall colors and am curious to see what’s inside next month.

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Ready to Raxy?

If you want to try Raxy, the beauty box from Rakuten Japan, then use my code qa3c19 when you sign up. We’ll both earn 100 Rakuten Super Points!

Raxy, the Beauty Box from Rakuten Japan


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