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Sakuraco Valentine’s Day Box

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If you want to charm your way to a foodie’s heart this Valentine’s Day, make a romantic gesture with the Sakuraco Valentine’s Bliss Box. The February 2023 Sakuraco Valentine’s Day Box features a selection of 20 sweet and savory local delights that any snack connoisseur will surely love!

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What Is Sakuraco?

Sakuraco Valentine’s Day Box Banner

Sakuraco is a monthly subscription service from Japan that contains 20 authentic Japanese snack items such as baked sweets, mochi, manju, yokan, crackers, and teas.

You’ll also receive merchandise exclusive to Sakuraco and crafted by local manufacturers, like limited edition treats and Japanese home goods like ceramics, chopsticks, and furoshiki!

Inside every box is a thoughtfully curated booklet that introduces you to each snack and its vendors, along with cultural tidbits. It’s almost as if you have a local guide giving you a personal tour of their hometown.

Now that COVID restrictions are easing up in Japan, perhaps you’ll take inspiration from your Sakuraco box and get out there and explore the country!

Unboxing the February 2023 Sakuraco Valentine’s Day Box ~Valentine’s Bliss~





Sakuraco partners with local snack makers, and the February 2023 Sakuraco box, “Valentine’s Bliss,” comes to you from Osaka, Japan’s city of brotherly love.

If you’re wondering why Osaka has the title of “Japan’s city of brotherly love,” it’s because the people of Osaka won’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with a stranger. This warmth and familiarity is perhaps why foreign and Japanese tourists alike feel at ease when they explore Japan’s 3rd largest city. 

Friendly banter is a way of life in Osaka. Merchants in the Edo Era used their conversational gifts to charm customers. And, customers in turn, learned how to haggle in order to get the best prices from competitors. 

Imagine haggling with a vendor so you can get the best deals to satisfy your sweet tooth…and wallet!

Sakuraco Valentine’s Day Box — Final Thoughts

We take snacking seriously in the Wada household, as it’s an important part of Japanese culture. Don’t believe me? ”Snack Time” in Japan comes twice a day, first at 10 AM (10時のおやつ // juu-ji no oyatsu) and then again at 3 PM (3時のおやつ // san-ji no oyatsu).

(Nearly all daycares and kindergartens in Japan abide by these times, and it’s something I picked up during my time as an early childhood educator.)

Winter in Japan is the season for chocolate and strawberries, and my daughter and I enjoyed sampling the seasonal sweets wrapped in colorful red and pink packaging. It was a very exciting way for us to prepare for Valentine’s Day in Japan!

The Sakuraco box is a fantastic opportunity to taste the best authentic treats from Japan. To get your Sakuraco Valentine’s Day Box, click here.

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