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The Best Romantic and Sexy Gifts From Japan

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Valentine’s Day and White Day are right around the corner! Here are the best romantic and sexy gifts from Japan carefully curated to help you express your appreciation and love for the special people in your life. Choose from gourmet chocolates, seductive perfumes, lacy lingerie, and “intimate toys.” R.I.P. My Amazon recommendations trying to curate this list for y’all!

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The Best Romantic and Sexy Gifts From Japan

1. Sakuraco Valentines Day Box





If you want to charm your way to a foodie’s heart this Valentine’s Day, make a romantic gesture with the Sakuraco Valentine’s Day Box. The February 2023 Sakuraco Valentine’s Day Box features a selection of 20 sweet and savory Japanese delights that any snack connoisseur will surely love!

Read my full review of the February 2023 Sakuraco Valentine’s Day Box here.

2. Royce Nutty & Fruit Bar – Fruit Bar Chocolate

Decadently sweet with a faint touch of tartness, Royce Fruit Bar Chocolate are slender white chocolate bars blended with strawberry and banana powder made in Hokkaido. Each bite is filled with almond puffs and dried mango, cranberry, and strawberry bites. Comes in a box of 6 individually wrapped chocolate fruit bars. 

Available on Amazon & Amazon Japan

3. Shiseido Parlour La Ganache

For a sweeter spin on Japanese Valentine’s Day and White Day chocolates, try these Belgian chocolate ganache bites covered in crunchy cocoa crisps from Shiseido Parlour. (Yes, the world’s oldest cosmetics company, that Shiseido.) La Ganache remains one of its most popular gift boxes, and you just might want to pick up a box for yourself, too!

Available on Amazon Japan

4. Maquillage Dramatic Styling Eyes Eyeshadow Palette 

At a quick glance, the Maquillage Dramatic Styling Eyes Eyeshadow Palette looks like a petite box of chocolates! Available in 12 different shades, each color combination features transitional day-to-night shades that are effortlessly buildable and blendable. These flirty shades are perfect for creating subtley seductive looks for romantic outings. 

Available on Amazon Japan

5. Shiseido VisionAiry Gel Lipstick — Bullet Train

Love often comes at you fast and hard, and the Shiseido VisionAiry Gel Lipstick shade, “Bullet Train” perfectly embodies this! The Shiseido VisionAry Gel Lipstick is a full-coverage lipstick that packs intense color into a lightweight and long-lasting formula. The best part? It’s kiss-proof, too! 

Available on Amazon & Amazon Japan

6. Sholayered Layered Fragrance Body Spray 

Cast an everlasting spell that cements the connection between scents and love with Sholayered Layered Fragrance Body Spray. When it comes to seduction, go for vanilla and amber, while white flowers like tuberose or ylang-ylang invite a feminine mystique. Apply to pulse points before a date to create a sensational aura. 

Available on Amazon & Amazon Japan

7. Floral Cotton Kimono

As beautiful as they are, flower bouquets don’t last forever. So this year, opt for a floral cotton kimono instead! A cotton kimono, or yukata, is a lightweight and easy to style garment that can be used in lieu of loungewear, as is customary in traditional Japanese lodging facilities.

Available on Amazon (Kimura Jitsugyo) & Amazon Japan (Kyoetsu)

8. Wacoal Embrace Lace Chemise

Thinking of gifting lingerie for Valentine’s Day? Start with Wacoal, one of Japan’s leading lingerie and undergarment makers. The Wacoal Embrace Lace Chemise is a seductive choice that hugs in all the right places without being overly garish. (Or uncomfortable!)  Made from a luxurious sheer fabric adorned with floral lace, the Wacoal Embrace Lace Chemise comes in an impressive lineup boasting 20 colors/patterns and 5 sizes. PS: The matching Wacoal Embrace Lace Bikini is just as comfy as this lace chemise!

Available on Amazon & Amazon Japan

9. Iroha Rin+ Vibrator 

Come on now — Are you really surprised to see a vibrator on a blog post titled, “The Best Romantic and Sexy Gifts From Japan?” Even Dinos, one of Japan’s largest online mail-order catalogs, proudly stocks them! Iroha is a line of vibrators and intimate care goods from women. The Iroha Rin+ is a waterproof silicone vibrator that boasts a soft and uniquely spherical tip with 4 speeds and 2 pulse modes. It is specially designed by the team behind Tenga (see entry #10), and can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced users alike.

Available on Amazon & Amazon Japan

10. Tenga Svr Plus

Last, but not least on my list of “The Best Romantic and Sexy Gifts From Japan,” is the Tenga Svr PlusThis handheld device is a waterproof vibrating ring with 5 speeds and 2 pulse modes, ideal for both solo play and intimate moments with a partner. As the top user review succinctly puts it, “Just buy it, don’t even worry about it.“ 

Available on Amazon & Amazon Japan

For more romantic and sexy gifts from Japan, check out my Amazon Storefront HERE.

The Best Romantic and Sexy Gifts From Japan

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