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Must-Try Subscription Services in Japan

Last Updated on 2024-02-19 by Teni

Way back during “lockdown”/the State of Emergency, I created a list of must-try subscription services in Japan. The original idea behind it was to simply showcase products and services that were basically “Japan in a box” to spark a bit of joy in times of social isolation and COVID cabin fever. Since then, this list has evolved into a reference list of subscription services in Japan that I have personally tried or am currently using. 

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Must-Try Subscription Services in Japan

Bloomee LIFE




お花の定期便| Bloomee LIFE(@bloomeelife)がシェアした投稿

If you missed out on seeing any of the gorgeous blooms at Japanese flower parks or are still hesitant to venture far from your home, there’s Bloomee LIFE. Bloomee LIFE works with 100 independent florists across Japan in order to ship fresh flowers in the shortest amount of time possible. The variety of flowers makes it seem as if each weekly bouquet is selected with Japan’s 72 mini-seasons in mind!





Choose between three subscription models, reasonably priced at 500 yen, 800 yen, and 1200 yen, to have flowers delivered directly to your door weekly or bi-weekly.

Fit Food Home





Raise your hand if quarantine cooking had you like, “Ain’t nobody got for that.” Rather than picking up something at the kombini or doing Uber Eats again, try Fit Food Home. They come to your house as bright yellow frozen bento, BUT they aren’t your typical microwave dinners.

There are absolutely no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in these meals, and the menus are balanced to help you reach your daily nutrient recommendations. 

Choose between 4 different subscription plans: Dish Plate (1 main dish and 2 sides); Supple Rice (a konnyaku/rice/grain mix); Mama Meal (for pregnant and nursing women); and Diet Meals (400kcal meals).

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Are you ready to change the trajectory of your career in Japan? Formie (フォーミー ) is an online subscription-based platform that lets you use your smartphone, tablet or computer to study and take exams for more than 40 kinds of certifications recognized by the Japan Ability Facilitation Association (日本能力教育促進協会).

The “all you can learn” plan (学び放題プラン) lets you study for as many subjects as you’d like for only 3,980 yen a month. Or, you can choose to sign up for a specific course.

I’m currently studying to become a certified Skincare Specialist! Wish me luck!

Kokoro Cares




Kokoro Care Packages(@kokorocares)がシェアした投稿

Whether you’re actively trying to avoid the “Quarantine 15” or have taken a YOLO approach to your quarantine meals, Kokoro Cares will get you on track. They deliver hand-selected, healthy and delicious ingredients from all over Japan. What makes Kokoro Cares so good is that they make Japanese cuisine so accessible!





Each box includes easy to prepare goods like noodles/rice, seasonings, sauces, and soups. AND you’ll also get English translations of the ingredients, suggested uses and nutritional information. 

My Little Box Japan




My Little Box Japan(@my_little_box_japan)がシェアした投稿

My Little Box Japan is a beautifully curated beauty box that contains high-end cosmetics from France and Japan. In each box you’ll also receive a lifestyle magazine with cute illustrations penned by a Japanese expat in France.  My Little Box is originally from France and My Little Box Japan stays true to its origins.





Priced at 3,350 yen a month, My Little Box Japan may feel steep, but consider it your #SelfCareSunday treat. Because you’re worth it! Use my code FRIEND199392 to save 1,000 yen off your first order!

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Oisix /オイシックス(@oisix)がシェアした投稿

Oisix is Japan’s largest meal kit and organic food delivery service. Not bad for a company that started in 1997! You can shop a la carte or let Oisix choose for you. I usually get my produce from my in-laws in Ibaraki. So, I like to shop a la carte at Oisix for dairy products, baked goods, and imported/gourmet items.

I’m also a big fan of Oisix meal kits, which come with everything you need to prepare dinner and a side dish or soup for 2 or 3 people. They also have specific meal kits that are “kid-approved.”

A few years ago, Oisix acquired Purple Carrot, an American vegan meal kit delivery service. So, you can purchase vegan meals through Oisix, too! Choose between weekly or bi-weekly delivery.

NEW! Read my review of Oisix here.

Raxy Beauty Box




RAXY Beauty Box(@raxybeautybox_jp)がシェアした投稿

If you love earning points and trying new beauty products, then Raxy Beauty Box is for you! Raxy is Rakuten Japan’s subscription beauty box, so you can earn and redeem Rakuten points. For 2,480 yen a month, Raxy Beauty Box members receive a colorful package containing full-sized skincare and/or makeup items. 





Just fill out a detailed questionnaire about your beauty preferences, and each month you’ll receive a themed box of cosmetics products tailored to meet your beauty needs and preferences. You can also specify if you’d like a skincare or makeup box when you sign up.

If you want to try Raxy, use my code qa3c19 when you sign up. We’ll both earn 100 Rakuten Super Points!

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Sakuraco is a Japan travel-themed snack box packed with 20 authentic Japanese snack items like baked sweets, mochi, manju, yokan, and rice crackers. You’ll also get teas andJapanese home goods like ceramics, chopsticks, and furoshiki to complement your snacking experience.

Read my full review of the February 2023 Sakuraco Valentine’s Day Box here.

Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat is a subscription box that takes you on a delicious journey through the streets of Japan’s bustling capital without leaving your home.

Each month, they curate a selection of currently-trending Japanese snacks and candies. You’ll also receive a detailed guide that explains the cultural significance of each treat, enhancing your snacking experience with a touch of Japanese tradition and pop culture, too.

Read my Review of Tokyo Treat here: Discover the Fall Flavors of Japan With Tokyo Treat






WOWBOX is a monthly subscription box of mainstream and artisanal treats sourced from all over Japan. Each box celebrates a region of Japan or a Japanese holiday or event.

Choose from the TABI (“journey”) or OMIYAGE (“souvenir”) box and select your subscription plan (monthly, one-time, or gift). Each WOWBOX ships directly from Japan for FREE via DHL Express Shipping.  Plus, you earn points with every WOWBOX purchase!

Read my WOWBOX Sakura Tabi Snack Box review.

What interests you the most on this list of Must-Try Subscription Services in Japan? I love trying out new things, so if you have a subscription service to recommend, I’m all ears!

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Must-Try Subscription Services in Japan

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