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WOWBOX Sakura Tabi Snack Box

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It’s been one year since the coronavirus pandemic, and what was once the “new normal” is now just an everyday reality. We should still refrain from nonessential outings, including the spring tradition of hanami, or cherry blossom viewing! Despite this, I think I’ve gotten pretty creative with ways to entertain my mini-me. Our latest round of outdoor fun took us on a spring picnic with the WOWBOX Sakura Tabi Snack Box!

This post is a collaboration with WOWBOX and includes affiliate links. Product review and options are all my own.

WOWBOX Sakura Tabi Snack Box  

What’s WOWBOX?

WOWBOX is a monthly subscription box of mainstream and artisanal treats sourced from all over Japan. Each box celebrates a region of Japan or a Japanese holiday or event.

All you need to do is choose your desired box (TABI BOX or OMIYAGE BOX) and subscription plan (monthly, one-time, or gift).

Then, WOWBOX will ship your snack box for FREE via DHL Expres Shipping.  You earn points with every WOWBOX order and review you write. You can use the points on  your next order or an a la carte purchase at the WOWBOX Marketplace. 

The OMIYAGE (お土産), or “souvenir” box is a selection of mainstream treats that are ideal for those new to the tasty world of Japanese snacks and its seasonal varieties.

On the other hand, the TABI (旅 | “travel” or “journey”) box is a curated selection of quality artisanal treats from across Japan. Each treat is brought to you by legacy confectionery makers, and its ingredients reflect the natural goodness of a particular prefecture. 

What’s So Special About Japanese Snacks?

Japanese snacks have become worldwide cult favorites simply because of their rarity. Manufacturers frequently release flavors that are available during a specific season.

For example, peach, plum, and sakura in the spring; salty lemon and chocolate mint in the summer; sweet potato and chestnut in the fall; and apples and strawberry for the winter. (See this post, A Mini Guide To Japan’s Seasonal Drink And Snack Ingredients for more details!)

These treats often sell out quickly and may not be released the following year, so you better act fast if you see something tasty!

This month’s WOWBOX celebrates the arrival of spring and its long awaited ritual, the viewing of cherry blossoms, or hanani.

In the months leading up to sakura season, cherry blossom themed snacks, drinks (and even cosmetics) line store shelves as the nation awaits the annual sakura forecast.

Sakura as a flavor is far more subtle than the fruit of a cherry. In fact, the delicate sakura flower itself, while undeniably beautiful, has barely a discernible scent!

However, the real magic happens when a cherry blossom is pickled and used to flavor rice, tea, and mochi. Often, plum vinegar is added to brined cherry blossoms to enhance its pink color and accentuate its taste.

Here’s what’s inside the WOWBOX Sakura Tabi Snack Box:

Photo courtesy of WOWBOX

WOWBOX Sakura Tabi Snack Box  — The Review

We are currently making our way through this box, but let me tell you, the Feve Cashew x Sakura are addictive! It’s a trail mix consisting of dried cranberries and cashews coated in a satisfying sakura powder.

My daughter loved the Marutto Hokkaido Strawberry Chocolates (freeze dried strawberries dipped in milk Chocolate) and the Kyo Neko-San Cookies (adorable cat shaped cookies).

Final verdict: the Hokkaido strawberries are simply irresistible! The mini daifuku are fluffy, bite-sized pieces of happiness filled with red bean paste and coated with sakura leaf powder.

This custard cake from Aomori is infused with sakura leaf powder and gives off a soft scent. The custard cream is accented with a sweet and tangy sakura leaf jelly filling.

We can’t wait to try the rest of these sakura snacks!

Want to try the WOWBOX Sakura Tabi Snack Box?

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Happy Snacking!

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WOWBOX Sakura Tabi Snack Box  


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