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Lululun One Night Rescue For Mature Skin Sheet Masks

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In my review post for the Lululun Organic Sheet Masks, I hinted at a different Lululun sheet mask series that I wanted to try. Well, Lululun One Night Rescue For Mature Skin Sheet Masks is it!

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Lululun One Night Series & Anti-Aging Care

I’ve touched on anti-aging skin care (AKA “aging care”) in the Japanese cosmetics market, and you’ll notice that prevention is a big part of a Japanese skincare routine. While we can’t overlook the importance of protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, skincare is more than the products that you apply to your skin. 

Lifestyle is a big factor in an “anti-aging” skincare routine, and it goes deeper than diet and exercise.  I’m talking about sleep!

Ever wonder why we sleep for one-third of our lives? It’s because the human body is a wonderfully complex machine that needs to rest, reset, and repair. While we’re off in dreamland, our skin is busy with repair and regeneration. And, we can gently shift that repair function into overdrive with the Lululun One Night Series!

Lululun One Night Rescue Series Lineup

The Lululun One Night Rescue sheet masks are officially called “rescue” (レスキュー) masks. Basically, they’re like superheroes that suit up and appear at night to save your skin from damage!

The Lululun Classic series and Lululun Precious series come in packages of 7 or 30 sheet masks, meaning that they are suitable for everyday use. However, the Lululun One Night Rescue series is a “special care” sheet mask, which means that it should be used 2-3 times a week. 

To use, apply to the face directly after washing, and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Follow up with your regular skincare routine and get some beauty sleep!

The Lululun One Night Rescue series consist of 6 different sheet masks:

BLUE Lululun ONE Night Rescue — Skin Clarifying

RED Lululun ONE Night Rescue —  Skin Hydrating

YELLOW Lululun ONE Night Rescue — Vitamins 

RED Lululun One Night for Rescue Mature Skin — Intensive Hydrating

GREEN Lululun One Night Rescue for Mature Skin — Skin Firming 

BLUE Lululun One Night Rescue for Mature Skin — Skin Clarifying 

As my primary concerns are aging care, I opted to try the Lululun One Night for Mature Skin sheet masks.

Review – Lululun One Night Rescue For Mature Skin Sheet Masks

Lululun One Night Rescue for Mature Skin (RED) — Intensive Hydrating

SPOILER ALERT: RED is my favorite from the Lululun One Night Rescue For Mature Skin series!

Lululun One Night Rescue for Mature Skin RED uses nano-sized collagen, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides to penetrate the skin’ layers and provide a much-needed moisture boost. I have oily skin, and one of the biggest beauty mistakes I made in my 20s was actively avoiding anything with oil or hydration. As it turns out, oily skin can benefit greatly from such products, and I noticed that my skin looked fresh and dewy the following morning! 

Lululun One Night Rescue for Mature Skin (GREEN) —  Skin Firming 

Lululun One Night Rescue for Mature Skin GREEN uses CoQ10 and elastin to add elasticity and firmness to the skin. Meanwhile, the polyphenol in the wine extract works to repair and rejuvenate the skin by fighting free-radicals, those pesky suckers that break down collagen. I’ve used GREEN twice already and still am on the fence about the results. 

Lululun One Night Rescue for Mature Skin (BLUE) — Skin Clarifying 

The very first sheet mask in this series that I tried was BLUE. I chose it randomly and loved the results. Lululun One Night Rescue for Mature Skin BLUE is all about getting rid of dead skin and residual melanin to restore the skin’s radiance.

This is notwhitening product, but it delivers similar results when it comes to clarifying skin tone. Lululun One Night Rescue for Mature Skin BLUE uses 5 different kinds of rice derived ingredients to work its magic. 

Final Thoughts — Review – Lululun One Night Rescue For Mature Skin Sheet Masks

I’m genuinely glad that I decided to finally try Lululun One Night Rescue For Mature Skin sheet masks! They are very effective in “rescuing” my tired skin and certainly do deliver results. I tend to stay up late as nights are often the only time that I can get work done uninterrupted. But, these sheet masks are a much-needed reminder about the importance of a good night’s sleep! 

Two things that I find worth mentioning about this series is (1) the high quality of the sheet mask fibers; and (2) the amount of essence in each package. 

The Lululun One Night Rescue for Mature Skin BLUE sheet masks are thick, nearly stiff, and consist of 3 layers, just like the Precious series.

On the other hand, Lululun One Night Rescue for Mature Skin RED and GREEN both use sheet masks that are nearly translucent. It’s because Lululun uses a fiber called  Bemliese, which is trademarked by Asahi Kasei.

After doing some research, I’ve discovered that Bemliese is actually “the world’s only cupro continuous-filament nonwoven fabric. It is composed of regenerated cellulose fiber made from cotton linter, the fibers around cotton seeds.” (Source) These fibers allow for the layers of the skin to soak up all that wonderful essence.

Speaking of essence, each package contains 35 mL of it! There’s honestly so much that I used the excess to rub all over my body, from my neck to my toes, after taking a bath. I never felt so refreshed in the morning! I highly recommend using these sheet masks after hopping out of the shower or bath.

Where To Buy Lululun One Night Rescue For Mature Skin Sheet Masks

If you’re in Japan, Amazon Japan definitely has you covered with this One Night Rescue For Mature Skin set!

But, one huge reason why I’ve partnered up with Neokyo for this post is because Lululun has some amazing sheet masks that are difficult to purchase outside of Japan.

You can purchase several kinds of sheet masks via Lululun’s official global sites, but there isn’t much variety. You may also have some luck purchasing the One Night series via third party sellers like Amazon. But, there’s the chance you might end up with expired/counterfeit products or have problems with the seller.

What’s a Lululun fanatic outside of Japan to do?

Why not shop Lululun’s official Japanese website via the Japanese Proxy Service, Neokyo? Here’s how it works:

About Neokyo

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Not only does Neokyo make your Japan shopping hassle-free, you can shop directly with Japanese merchants like Lululun at the current Japanese market price! Neokyo charges a service fee of 250 yen per item plus shipping. They’ll also help you out with pre-orders or will be your local go in between if you need something on Mercari or Yahoo Auction.

For more information on how Neokyo works, check out this tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdScwD6BF7tah7GxA8_-EXg.

Lululun One Night Rescue For Mature Skin Sheet Masks

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