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Shopping in Japan

Shopping in Japan

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Shopping in Japan is a quick reference guide to help you find the best Japanese skincare and beauty goods, baby and motherhood essentials, holiday gifts and more!

Shopping in Japan

Baby & Motherhood

10 Japanese Drinks Rich in Iron

6 Best Japanese Drinks For Pregnant And Nursing Women

Japanese Products For Babies and Toddlers With Sensitive Skin

Getting Your Child Ready For Japanese Daycare or Kindergarten

My 5 Favorite Places to Shop in Japan for Baby and Toddler Clothes

My 5 Favorite Places to Shop in Japan For Kids’ Clothes and Shoes


Where To Buy Makeup In Japan

Where to Buy Skincare Products in Japan

7 Best Skincare Products For Summer in Japan

10 Best Japanese Skincare Products Under 1000 yen

Japanese Makeup Brands and Japanese Makeup Products You Need To Try

Fight Winter Dryness With These Skincare Items From Japan


My 5 Favorite Places to Shop in Japan For Women’s Clothes and Shoes

What (Not) To Wear in Japan: A Guide For Professional Women

Home & Living

10 Tips To Make Your Japanese Apartment Kid and Dog-Friendly

10 Must-Haves For Japan’s Rainy Season

50 Must-Haves For Summer in Japan


The Best Japanese Gifts For Kids

The Best Romantic and Sexy Gifts From Japan

Thoughtful Japanese Beauty Gifts For Any Occasion

Shopping in Japan

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