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Japanese Beauty and Fashion Trends For Spring 2023

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Let’s take a look at the Japanese beauty and fashion trends for Spring 2023! This list covers everything you’ll need for your casual and formal events in Japan — makeup, clothing, shoes, and more!

You’ll notice that the top trend color for Spring 2023 is PURPLE! Read on to find out how to incorporate this color into your wardrobe and makeup collection. 

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Japanese Beauty and Fashion Trends For Spring 2023 — Beauty & Makeup

1. Etvos Mineral UV Powder in Pearl Lavender SPF40 PA+++

Back in February, I attended the “Nice To Me” influencer event in Hiroo and got to try a lot of new makeup, which was the inspiration for this post!





One of the full-sized samples I took home was Etvos Mineral UV Powder in Pearl Lavender. What’s the deal with lavender powder?

Time for a little color theory!  Did you know that purple neutralizes sallow yellow and orange hues? And lavender, as a lighter shade of purple, brightens the skin and gives you a fresh complexion!

Use Etvos Mineral UV Powder as a setting powder, combat sheen, and  touch up makeup throughout the day. As a bonus, it provides plently of UV coverage with a subtle matte finish that gives you a natural glow.

WARNING: if you have any melanin in your skin, you will need to use this powder sparingly. First of all, do not use the puff inside the compact. Instead, take a kabuki brush, swirl it around in the powder, shake off the excess powder and then use.

Available on Amazon Japan

2. Cezanne Pearl Glow Nuancer in N2 Lilac Mood 


Featured in my list of “ Japanese Makeup Brands and Japanese Makeup Products You Need To Try” is Cezanne. I’ve always considered Cezanne to be the grown-up version of Canmake. It’s a great entry brand for women in their late 20s-30s looking to explore Japanese makeup trends.

Cezanne Pearl Glow Nuancer is a 2-in-1 Highlight/Blush that mimics the natural glow you get when the sun hits your face at the right angle. Shade N2 Lilac Mood, in particular, reflects light and counteracts ashy, dullen skin. 

Apply just above the cheekbones, blend into the temples to add dimension to your face. You can also apply it to the bridge of your nose and the outer corner of your eyes for a youthful look.

Available on Amazon Japan

3. Cezanne Watery Tint Lip in 01 Natural Pink


Another Japanese beauty trend for spring 2023 is the Cezanne Watery Tint LipLong-lasting lipstick formulas practically go hand in hand with matte or semi-matte finishes. However, Cezanne Watery Tint Lip keeps your lips glossy and fresh. One coat provides ample coverage, or you can get creative and apply a second coat to the center of your lips for a “gradient” effect.

The glossy version of Cezanne Watery Tint Lip comes in 3 shades, but try 01 Natural Pink for a soft, romantic look. For best results, lightly dab your lips with a bit of tissue after application. 

Available on Amazon Japan

4. Paul & Joe Protecting Foundation Primer SPF50+ PA++++


Marketed as “summer base makeup,” Paul & Joe Protecting Foundation Primer is one of the products I had my eye on at the Nice To Me event. And, I am not ashamed to say that I wanted nearly 1 hour in line for this item! 

Paul & Joe Protecting Foundation Primer uses jojoba oil and 3 kinds of hyaluronic acids to moisturize and protect the skin. Other moisturizing ingredients include rosemary extract, wild ginger extract, lily extract, and orange flower water, which gives this product a faint floral scent. 

Despite being a primer and sunscreen in one, it has a watery texture, and its blendability and coverage is absolutely fantastic.





Miss M loves makeup, and for her piano recital, I promised her that she could have a full face of stage makeup. She looked absolutely fabulous — plus, none of the foundation transferred onto her dress (or mine).

My only regret is that Paul & Joe Protecting Foundation Primer is available in only 2 shades because I want a bottle for myself!

Available on Amazon Japan

5. Allie Cheek UV in Lucent Pink SPF50+ PA++++


Allie is one of Japan’s top sunscreen brands known for its “super waterproof” and “friction-proof” formulas.

This time around, Allie has released a creamy blush with UVA/B protection, which I consider a must-have for spring 2023. 

Even though the Japanese government has given us the go ahead to frolic mask-free, I’m still keeping mine on because hay fever (kafunsho // 花粉症) is no joke. But, when it’s time to take some selfies with the pretty flowers, don’t you want to look just as good, too? 

I’m a big fan of cream blush because of how easy it is to apply. Simply use your fingers to dab, blend,and create an effortless dewy look that puts you perfectly in sync with spring’s colorful blooms. 

Available on Amazon Japan

Japanese Beauty and Fashion Trends For Spring 2023 — Fashion

6. Amphi Glama-Rich Bra & Panty in PU

Matching bras and underwear always make me feel put together, no matter what I’m wearing! Enter Amphi, the sister brand to Wacoal, Japan’s legacy undergarment maker. (You might remember my love for Wacoal from my previous entry, The Best Romantic and Sexy Gifts From Japan.)

In true Wacoal fashion, the Glama-Rich bra supports and lifts in all the right places. It’s the best mix of elegance and functionality, and the floral lace appliqués are neither too garish nor too subtle.  The matching sheer panty looks a bit risque at first, but it’s actually properly lined, much to my relief!





I loved the way the lavender color looked on my skin, so I couldn’t resist picking up the matching camisole and lacy thong, too!

Bra & Panty Available on Amazon Japan

7. Urban Research Rosso Collarless Chester Coat in Lavender

I’ve always stuck to black when it comes to overcoats, until 2 years ago when I got an off-white coat in a fukubukuro. This year, I decided to shake things up a bit more and go with trendy lavender — as a collarless chester coat!

Incidentally, it happens to be the same color as Miss M’s Ultra Light Down coat from Uniqlo. So, every morning, we get a bit of mommy-daughter “twinning” going on without looking overdone. Plus, a lavender coat does well with my standard work uniform of a white turtleneck + skinny jeans + boots. 





The coat I’m wearing is actually from the Singaporean brand, Love Bonito, but Urban Research Rosso has a similar design — and it’s a wool/cashmere blend!

Available on Amazon Japan 

8. New Balance WL996 in CH2 Pink

Spring is the season for walks in the parks and picnics under the cherry blossoms. Lace up a pair of New Balance sneakers and enjoy the fresh air!

Based on my school runs, gray is overwhelmingly the default choice when it comes to New Balance sneakers. But, I think these sakura pink New Balance sneakers add a touch of femininity to any casual outfit — I especially love the gold detailing! 

Pair with a beige trench, jeans, and a chunky sweater to wear at your next hanami party or play date.

Available on Amazon Japan

9. Oriental Traffic Flare Heel Slingback Shoes in Purple

When it comes to Japanese shoe brands, Oriental Traffic is my one true “ride or die.” In fact, it’s one of the brands profiled in my blog post, My 5 Favorite Places to Shop in Japan For Women’s Clothes and Shoes

I absolutely love their ballet flats, and keep a pair in my Tokyo Boutique to wear on post office and bank runs.

But, Oriental Traffic heels are really where it’s at! This brand often uses chunky block heels in its shoe designs. These heels provide the sturdiness you need for walking around town. (Or, running for the bus/train!)

Now, these Flare Heel Slingback Pumps are a comfortable take on slingbacks. Instead of a skinny heel and pointed toe, there’s a block heel for support and a square toe that gives you plenty of wiggle room.

I’m thinking about scooping up a black pair next to wear during my daughter’s upcoming graduation and entrance ceremonies! (See the next entry for outfit suggestions!)

Available on Amazon Japan

10. AddRouge 3 Piece Formal Suit

Spring in Japan signals two major social events, the graduation ceremony and entrance ceremony. 

Japanese graduation ceremonies are subdued affairs that celebrate the achievements of the student, whereas entrance ceremonies are a chance for the mother to take center stage with her child(ren). 

As a result, the dress code for entrance ceremonies is hanayaka, and women wear light-colored clothing such as light gray pastels, pink, and sky blue.  

If you’re wondering what to wear to your child’s upcoming graduation or entrance ceremony, this 3 piece formal suit from AddRouge has got you covered.  

It consists of a ¾ sleeve top, tapered sarouel pants and tweed blazer. and comes in 5 different colors and 11 sizes. 

Mix and match with your existing wardrobe to create a wide array of outfits for any upcoming formal occasion this spring, like work functions and wedding ceremonies. For more on dressing appropriately in Japan, check out this post: What (Not) To Wear in Japan: A Guide For Professional Women

Available on Amazon Japan

Japanese Beauty and Fashion Trends For Spring 2023
Japanese Beauty and Fashion Trends For Spring 2023

What do you think of these Japanese beauty and fashion trends for Spring 2023? 


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