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30 Must-Try Sakura Beauty Products For Spring

Who’s ready for cherry blossom season? While I am eager to sample the latest sakura-themed desserts and drinks at my local kombini (and earn sweet Rakuten points in the process), I’m also excited for all the kawaii limited-edition cosmetics. I’ve rounded up 30 must-try sakura beauty products for spring that will surely get you in the mood for this delightful season. This list includes skincare products, bath, body, and hair care items, and makeup, too. 

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30 Must-Try Sakura Beauty Products For Spring 

30 Must-Try Sakura Beauty Products For Spring: Skincare

1. Shu Uemura POREFinist2 Sakura Refreshing Cleansing Oil

Shu Uemura, the makeup and beauty brand named after the legendary makeup artist, is known for its pricey but uh-mah-zing cleansing oils. While I’m particularly fond of Ultime 8, it’s hard to resist the romantic pink hue and floral aroma of POREFinist2 Sakura Refreshing Cleansing Oil. Its lightweight formula is infused with cherry blossom extract and sakura sake extract.

 2. BCL Saborino Morning Sheet Masks

No list of seasonal  beauty products would be complete without a mention of BCL Saborino Morning Sheet Masks! A mainstay in my morning skincare routine since the birth of my daughter, these sheet masks take care of your morning skincare routine in just 60 seconds! In addition to the “one step skincare” approach, its parent company, BCL, frequently releases limited-edition scents, like this sakura-themed one. The pleasant sakura scent is like a mini-aromatherapy session to calm your mind before your daily battle begins. 

3. SuiSai Beauty Clear Powder Wash n

Have you ever tried a powder face wash? SuiSai Beauty Clear Powder Wash n are single-use capsules of powder with an invigorating cherry blossom and peach scent. While single-use capsules may seem wasteful, they ensure that you get the proper amount of product each time. In addition, you won’t have to worry about hurrying to finish an entire bottle of face wash before its expiration date. What I also like about these capsules is that you can store them in your emergency bag or to save space (and avoid leakage) when traveling.

4. Lululun Premium Sheet Masks

Lululun is one of the first J-beauty brands I tried when I switched from K-beauty. Therefore, Lululun will always have a place in my heart! Founded in 2011, LuLuLun is one of Japan’s best-selling sheet mask brands. Its cost-performance value, colorful packaging, and product lineup has earned it plenty of fans in Japan and across the globe. LuLuLun Precious White, Red, and Green Sheet Masks are great for “mature” skin issues. But, if you just want to have a fun night in, grab a package of these Lululun Premium Sheet Masks. This is the spring 2022 edition and comes with 5 resealable sachets, each containing 7 sakura-scented sheet masks.

5. ELIXIR SUPERIEUR Sleeping Gel Pack

ELIXIR SUPERIEUR Sleeping Gel Pack is an intense nighttime gel. If you’re considering adding “anti-aging” products to your skincare routine, this is a great one to try. It’s rich in collagen GL and plant extracts to nourish, moisturize, and plump the skin. In true limited edition fashion, its packaging even has a new design — along with a sakura pink hue! 

6. Utena PREMIUM PUReSA Jelly Mask

Unlike traditional sheet masks that come packaged in a watery serum or essence, Utena Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Masks are packaged with a jelly-like substance! These sheet masks are incredibly hydrating; however, be warned that the jelly gets everywhere. I prefer to use them on special at-home spa days. I also apply the excess jelly all over my body after taking a long soak in the bath. Pair with a silicone mask on top to really let all that gooey jelly essence penetrate deep into the skin.

7. Lululun Cleansing Balm

Several years ago, Lululun made the leap from sheet masks and expanded its product lineup to include skincare products like cleansing balms and toners. Lululun Cleansing Balm is a mild cleanser that eliminates the need for double cleansing. What’s more, it’s formulated with an emollient veil to prevent the evaporation of moisturizing ingredients.

8. Skinvill Hot Cleansing Gel

Skinvill Hot Cleansing Gel is a facial cleanser that has made frequent appearances in The Beauty Files, and I’ve been using it since the start of my J-beauty journey. It’s a thick gel with a honey-like texture that gently warms up as you rub it into your skin. The original version has a citrus scent and comes in the brand’s signature orange packaging. However, the sakura version comes in a pretty pink tube and complimentary scent. It’s formulated with 4 different kinds of sakura extracts and 6 other moisturizing botanical extracts. 

9. AQUA LABEL Special Gel Cream Moist Sakura

AQUA LABEL Special Gel Cream Moist Sakura is a texturized moisturizer that becomes a gel upon contact with your skin! It’s like a paste, then it turns into a thick gel through contact with body heat. It has a high concentration of collagen and amino acids to support and hydrate the skin, making it an ideal aging care” beauty product. Apply after cleansing or as a night gel for that smooth, bouncy “mochi hada” feeling. PS: this also works as an “all-in-one” product, making it perfect for an evening skincare routine. 

10. Atrix Beauty Charge Premium Hand Cream

Whenever I do a list of skincare products, I always make sure to mention 2 things: the importance of sunscreen and that “skincare” doesn’t stop at our face/neck. Enter Atrix Beauty Charge Premium Hand Cream, a light scented cream that offers UVA & UVB protection (SPF 20/PA+). Its formula consists of super hydrating ingredients like cherry blossom leaf extract, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin to keep your hands soft and smooth.

30 Must-Try Sakura Beauty Products For Spring: Bath, Body & Hair Care

11. Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask

One of the few Japanese products that I use on my natural hair (and my daughter’s hair, too) is Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask. Though it is a “hair mask,” it is not a leave-in-conditioner.  I don’t need to leave it on my hair for 5-10+ minutes. The fresh scent is long-lasting, though it is not overpowering. 

12. Botanist Hair Care Set

If you simply can’t get enough of cherry blossom season, Botanist has released this limited edition set that will have you wrapped up in the season’s signature scent from head to toe. This set contains 4 full-sized bottles of its shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and hair perfume. Each is a creative blend of sakura and other floral scents, like sakura/jasmine, sakura/cranberry, sakura/violet, sakura/cassis.

 13. Bath Roman Bath Salts

My self-care Sunday routine always includes a soak in the ofuro using  Bath Roman Bath Salts. In addition to a whispery soft sakura aroma, these bath salts (which have the texture of a fine sand) also use sakura leaf extract, a moisturizing ingredient. One package is good for up to 30 baths (when used as directed), ensuring that  you’ll be able to enjoy cherry blossom season even after the last petal has fallen. 

14. House of Rose Body Scrub

Featured in my guide to Japanese winter skincare, House of Rose Body Scrub is back – in limited edition form! This body scrub is a paste that uses fine granules to remove dead skin cells, stimulating cell turnover and new skin cell growth. The original version comes in a pleasant rose scent and the spring version is a gentle sakura aroma  that has top notes of cassis and lavender, middle notes of peony, and bottom notes of musk and amber. 

15. Dove Body Wash

Dove is a brand that you typically wouldn’t associate with J-beauty. However, like Nivea, Dove also has a range of skincare products manufactured in Japan exclusively for the Japanese market. Dove is a brand I’ve known since childhood, and it was certainly comforting for me to have Dove products when I first arrived in Japan and didn’t know anything about local options. Since then, I’ve had multiple opportunities to work with Dove in Instagram marketing campaigns so Dove and I are practically besties! This silky smooth body wash is formulated with ultra-nourishing ingredients and it leaves your skin wrapped in a gentle sakura scent.

16. Yuskin Hana

Yuskin is a popular brand of over-the-counter medicated creams and lotions formulated to alleviate and heal problematic skin conditions. It’s what I use to treat some problem areas on my daughter’s hands and feet. Yuskin, however, has a very “distinct” medicine-like scent. Yuskin Hana, however, is the brand’s line of floral scented products and the sakura version somehow smells like sakura mochi! 

17. Aroma Dew Medicated Hand Soap

Three years into the pandemic, and I think it’s safe to say that we all realize the importance of good hygiene. But, all that hand washing and hand sanitizer can break down the skin barrier,  and turn our hands into a dry, cracked wreck.  Aroma Dew Medicated Hand Soap is formulated with plant-based moisturizing ingredients to keep hands smooth. It also includes anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agents like camomille extract, grapefruit seed extract, and lavender extract. 

18. Mikono Otomo Paper Soap

Yeah, so going back to what I said about “the importance of hand washing.” It’s 2022 and some bathrooms in Japan still don’t have soap dispensers! Carrying tiny packets of paper soap like  Mikono Otomo Paper Soap is a must, especially when having picnics during hanami season!

19. L’Eau d’Issey City Blossom By Issey Miyake

Launched in 2015, L’Eau d’Issey City Blossom By Issey Miyake is a feminine and fresh floral. It puts you perfectly in the mood for spring and new beginnings. “City Blossom” is inspired by flowers in bloom in the city. It has woodsy notes complemented by magnolia and freesia notes. The packaging and bottle are the works of street artist Mademoiselle Maurice and would make a great addition to any vanity or bathroom.

20. Laundrin Fabric Softener — Sakura Cherry Blossom

When it comes to sakura-scented goodness, why stop at your skin and clothes?  Laundrin Fabric Softener in Sakura Cherry Blossom will wrap you up in a delightful melody of spring. It has top totes of cassis and green tea, middle notes of cherry, sakura and freesia with sandalwood, amber and musk as its base notes. 

30 Must-Try Sakura Beauty Products For Spring: Makeup

21. Kose Suncut Tone Up UV Essence — Sakura

What I love about Japanese sunscreens is how versatile they are! Kose Suncut Tone Up UV Essence in Sakura  is a lavender-tone color corrector that provides intense sun protection (SPF50+/PA++++). Lavender is used to counteract yellowness and sallow skin, creating a soft opalescent effect. As a bonus, Kose Suncut Tone Up UV Essence includes ingredients like sakura extract to hydrate.

22. ALLIE Ariy Nuance Change UV Gel — 03

Allie is a Japanese sunscreen brand known for its whitening/brightening properties and fresh, dewy finish. Its Nuance Change series also act as color correctors that protect the skin from harmful UV rays (SPF50+/PA++++). ALLIE Ariy Nuance Change UV Gel is a light pink waterproof and “friction-proof” sakura-scented gel. It leaves a glowing, pearlescent finish on the skin.

23. ALLIE Extra UV Highlight Gel — PK

Another sakura themed sunscreen to try is ALLIE Extra UV Highlight Gel ( SPF50+ PA++++). This “tone up” formula leaves skin with a healthy, dewy finish and has a soft sakura fragrance. The “Friction Proof” formula ensures that it stays put regardless of vigorous activity and sweat. Hyaluronic acid and collagen moisturizes the skin, making it suitable for everyday wear.

24. Suqqu Designing Color Eyes — Ayanadesiko

When it comes to pigmented eyeshadows that perfectly encapsulate the essence of Japan’s  seasons, Suquu has it all down to an art. Launched in 2003 Suqqu (pronounced “sukku”) is one of Japan’s premier makeup brands. It has a large following among the world’s top actresses and models. Suqqu’s compact four-in-one eyeshadow palette uses pigmented, long-lasting colors. Suqqu Designing Color Eyes in Ayanadesiko features 4 romantic spring shades that can be used individually or blended together to create a variety of looks.

 25. Excel Eye Planner Palette — Bloom Road

Excel Eye Planner Palette in Bloom Road comes with 4 complimentary spring shades that give the right amount of pigmented shimmer without going overboard. Use Bloom Road for a casual outing or for a romantic look.

26. Excel Auratic Blush — AB04

Nothing says spring like a rosy cheek, and for that, Excel Auratic Blush in shade AB04 has got you covered! Auratic Blush mimics the skin’s natural flush by combining rosy colors topped off with a subtle sheer highlight. For best results, use a large, flat fan brush to avoid harsh lines and powder fallout. Use gentle sweeping motions to blend the colors and highlighter into the skin. 

27. Kose Esprique Purely Veil Cheek Blush Palette — PK1

Formulated with oils and hyaluronic acid to moisturize and nourish the skin. Kose Esprique Purely Veil Cheek, delivers a natural, healthy-looking glow. The blush comes with a plenary highlighter shade to create  multidimensional-looking cheeks. This package includes one refill and a limited edition compact, which comes in an eye-catching deep pink and is reminiscent of decorative mizuhiki paper cords. 

28. ParaDo Sakura Veil Lip — PK-15

ParaDo is a makeup brand launched by 7-Eleven! They offer a range of makeup products comparable to drugstore brands at similar prices. ParaDo Sakura Veil Lip is a lip balm with a glossy finish that comes in a metallic pink tube depicting a flurry of falling sakura petals. It has a sparkly sheen that gives your lips a nice shine while keeping them moisturized. 

29. Intergrate Sakura Jelly Essence

Intergrate Sakura Jelly Essence is a glossy cherry blossom tinted lip balm that’s great for keeping your lips hydrated while wearing your mask. You can also use it as a lip primer or layer it over your preferred shade of lipstick for a romantic sheen. Its formula uses orange oil, hyaluronic acid, and ginger extract to nourish and moisturize, and stimulate skin cell turnover for fresh, fuller lips. As a bonus, it also offers SPF protection ( SPSPF14 PA++F14 PA++), too!

30. Shiseido Water in Lip

Shiseido Water in Lip  is a simple lip balm that hydrates without making the lips feel sticky or greasy. You can use this as a nighttime alternative to messy lips balms and lip masks that come in jars. Shiseido Water in Lip is made with Italian spring water and its light pink color comes from sakura powder. 

30 Must-Try Sakura Beauty Products For Spring: Learn More

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30 Must-Try Sakura Beauty Products For Spring


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