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Lululun Hydra V Mask Review

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Up next in The Beauty Files is a review of the latest member of the Lululun sheet mask family: Lululun Hydra V Mask! As one of my all-time favorite J-beauty brands, I’ve already reviewed several Lululun sheet mask series on this blog, such as Precious, Organic, and One Night Rescue. Needless to say, I am incredibly excited to publish this Lululun Hydra V Mask review as creating branded content for Lululun is a goal that I have been manifesting for years.

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Lululun Hydra V Mask Review

What’s The Deal With Lululun Sheet Masks?

For those of you unfamiliar with the Lululun brand, let’s take a quick look at the company’s history and their product lineup.

Lululun essentially revolutionized the Japanese beauty scene by introducing sheet masks as part of a daily skincare routine.The brand entered the Japanese market shortly after the devastating 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. Their purpose was to bring a bit of happiness to Japan with the motto, “Make every day special” (毎日が特別 // mainichi ga tokubetsu).

As a matter of fact, “lu lu lun” mimics a soft humming sound that you’d naturally make when you’re in a good mood. I mean, good skin always puts me in a good mood, especially after masking!

The global appeal of Lululun lies not only in its affordability (and cute packaging) but also in its seasonal releases and sheet masks that celebrate the diverse regions of Japan. Starting with the Original (Pink, White, and Blue) series,  Lululun has grown to accommodate the needs of its original fanbase by expanding into its Precious series and Over 45 series. 

Introducing the LuLuLun Hydra V Mask

The formulation of the Lululun Hydra V Mask puts Lululun on a level comparable with high-end skincare brands.   

Released in December 2022, The Lululun Hydra V Mask uses 7 kinds of vitamins & 7 different herbs to heal and deliver intense moisture (AKA “hydration”) to the skin. 

Why is moisture so important in skincare? Because keeping your skin hydrated is crucial in the fight against fine lines and wrinkles. While we can’t defy nature, we can certainly use our skincare products to delay the signs of aging.

In fact, one box of Lululun Hydra V Mask contains 510 mL of essence — That’s 138% more than previous Lululun sheet masks! 

The gel-like essense contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B, 5 derivatives of Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, while the carefully-selected herbal tonic repairs the skin.  In short, Lululun Hydra V Masks are basically like a topical multivitamin for the skin!

3 Things You Should Know About Lululun Hydra V Mask





1. Size Matters

One thing you’ll immediately notice about the Lululun Hydra V Masks is that they seem smaller than usual — and it’s true! As I learned in a Zoom briefing, these masks are indeed cut smaller to lock in and nourish the thin skin around the eyes and mouth, which is more susceptible to premature aging.

2. Silky Soft Sheet Mask

The Lululun Hydra Mask uses a “HIFU” sheet mask, inspired by the elasticity of human skin. (Hifu is the technical Japanese word for skin). These sheet masks mesh gently with the skin to support the penetration of the lotion. There is also a perforated slit on each side which you use to lift up the and define the jawline. 

3. Eco-Friendly and Economical 

Sometimes eco-friendly products don’t vibe with our wallets, but this series delivers the quality of department store skin care at drugstore prices. The Lululun Hydra V Mask is not packaged in a bulky plastic box like the previous series. Instead, the compact box is made out of paper, save for the plastic liner, outer sleeve, and resealable flap. 

Ready to try Lululun Hydra V Mask?

You can purchase Lululun Hydra V Mask as a pack of 7 or a box of 28 on Amazon Japan. Happy Shopping!

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