the best japanese eyeshadow quads you need to try
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Japanese Eyeshadow Quads You Need To Try

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Confession Time: Three years of masking turned me into an eyeshadow quad hoarder! So, when it comes to Japanese eyeshadow brands and Japanese eyeshadow palettes, I’ve got you covered. My list of the best Japanese eyeshadow quads you need to try covers every price point from affordable drugstore finds to luxury brands. If you are trying Japanese makeup brands for the first time, I suggest reading my post, Japanese Makeup Brands You Need To Know, before you go shopping for makeup in Japan.

The Best Japanese Eyeshadow Quads You Need To Try

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Know Before You Shop

You might be tempted to skip over Japanese makeup brands if you’re not of Asian descent, but do keep this in mind — shopping for makeup is all about shopping for colors that emphasize your skin undertones.  

When it comes to eyeshadow, go for eyeshadow quads that use golds, oranges, and reds. These colors will bring out the warmth in your skin. If you have cool undertones, pick a Japanese eyeshadow quad that uses jewel-toned hues like blues, greens, and purples.

One more thing —  invest in a good eyeshadow primer! While it seems like an unnecessary step, primer helps your eyeshadow go on smoother, last longer, and prevents creasing. Try Coffret D’or Trans Eye Base in 01. Use to add depth and shimmer to your eyeshadow or use as a stand-alone product to achieve an effortless “no makeup makeup” look.

The Best Japanese Eyeshadow Quads You Need To Try

Canmake Silky Souffle Eyes — Chai Brick

When it comes to Japanese eyeshadows, Canmake covers all bases: affordability, availability, and application. You’re likely to find Canmake eyeshadow quads (and other products) in any Japanese drugstore, making it a great choice if you need a quick replacement on vacation or want a backup quad to stash at your partner’s place. The Canmake Chai Brick eyeshadow quad uses rose-toned neutral shades: 3 sheer and lightweight matte shadows and one shade of ultra-fine sheer glitter to create a pearlescent effect.

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 Cezanne Beige Tone Eye Shadow — Rosy Beige

There’s something about the Rose Beige Cezanne Beige Tone Eye Shadow quad that reminds me of a Huda Beauty nude palette! I personally love to play with textures and finishes, and appreciate that this quad includes glitter, pearlescent, and matte choices. Another feature of the Cezanne Beige Tone Eye Shadow is that it uses moisturizing ingredients like squalene, jojoba seed oil to nourish eyelids.

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Chifure Gradient Eyeshadow — Cheerful Flowers

The Cheerful Flowers Chifire Gradient Eyeshadow quad is a creative way to incorporate lavender, the trend color of spring 2023, into your makeup routine. The colors are powdery soft and are super blendable and buildable, so you can create a variety of combinations. As a bonus, there’s a mini how-to on the back of the palette, just in case you wanted to try a trendy look! 

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Coffret D’or Beauty Aura Eyes — Khaki


If you want your eyeshadow quad to make a statement, look no further than the Coffret D’or Beauty Aura Eyes palette! Featuring a stunning combination of gold, green, and pink, its Khaki eyeshadow quad seamlessly transitions from day to night, and takes you from workday to weekend.

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Etvos Classy Shadow Eye  — Slow Beige 

If you are a Japanese makeup fan with sensitive skin, then you may already be familiar with Etvos. Evtos uses minerals for its makeup pigments, and all of its makeup can be removed simply by using soap and warm water.





The Etvos Classy Shadow Eye Slow Beige eyeshadow quad is a neutral palette perfect for creating bold, yet tastefully refined looks, like a warm brown smokey eye!

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Excel Skinny Rich Eye Shadow — Sensual Brown

When it comes to Japanese eyeshadow quads that you need to try, my first choice is the Excel Skinny Rich Eyeshadow Quad! Excel seems to be a Japanese makeup brand that gets little international recognition, despite the fact that its products consistently get high reviews on domestic ranking sites like MyBest and @Cosme.  With that said, Sensual Brown is a flattering choice for nearly any skin tone thanks to its rose gold and champagne colors. 

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Kate Designing Brown Eyes — Skinny Orange Brown

It drives me crazy when the fallout from my eyeshadow “cross-pollinates” another shade! This is precisely why the Kate Designing Brown Eyes eyeshadow quad is one of my personal favorites. Rather than being arranged in a 2×2 grid, the colors are arranged in a single file line, with ample space between them! Another notable feature of the Kate Designing Brown Eyes lineup is that every single palette features 4 rich pigmented colors that play up brown eyes. Skinny Orage Brown is my favorite out of the 8 palettes, and does well during the colder months. 

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Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes — Coral Coral

Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes eyeshadow quads are inspired by the ocean and marine life. Use the eyeshadows to create a dramatic three-dimensional look that shimmers like the sunlight on the surface of the water. You’ll notice that Lunasol eyeshadow palettes come with a mirror and two applicators. Each applicator has a sponge tip; however, the applicator has a mini-brush while the tip of the other applicator is tapered.

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Maquillage Dramatic Styling Eyes — Truffle

I’m a big fan of the Maquillage Dramatic Styling Eyes palettes that look like mini boxes of chocolate. You know, the kind you’d give on Valentine’s Day or White Day. But, what makes this version stand out from the rest is that it comes with a glossy shade that doubles a primer to give the other shades a multi-dimensional look. Plus, these colors have serious staying power — they are specially formulated to last for up to 8 hours! Truffle is a classic choice for your next formal engagement. It elegantly combines gold, rose gold, and mauve to compliment any formal outfit.  This eyeshadow palette has a mirror and comes with 2 applicators. 

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Muji Eye Shadow — Gold

Made it this far and feel overwhelmed with all the choices on this list? Then,  you need to give this Muji Eye Ehadow quad a try. True to Muji fashion, this eyeshadow quad is simple, but its true beauty lies in the ingredients. It uses plant-based moisturizing ingredients such as kamitree flower extract, jojoba seed oil, and shea oil. Gold Brown is a safe choice if you’re looking to expand into the world of Japanese eyeshadows. All 4 shades have a silky matte finish and easily create a beautiful gradation effect. 

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Orbis Fortones Styling Eyes — Brick Brown

Orbis is best known for its clean skincare products, but did you also know that they have makeup, too? Check out the Orbis Fortones Styling Eyes in Brick Brown, a warm neutral eyeshadow quad. This is a multi-functional palette that comes with a mirror and two applicators.  Even though it only has 4 colors, it feels like there’s a versatile mix of shades, all thanks to the rich color and textures that are easy to build and blend. 

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Suqqu Designing Color Eyes — Ayandeshiko 

Launched in 2013, Suqqu has already established itself as one of Japan’s premier makeup brands, no doubt thanks to its beautifully pigmented Designing Color Eyes eyeshadow quads. Each palette draws inspiration from Japanese flora and its corresponding season. Suqqu Designing Color Eyes  in Ayandeshiko has long been a favorite among its domestic and international fanbase, myself included! The 4 romantic spring shades can can be used individually or blended together to create a variety of looks.

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Visee My Nudy Eyes — Medium Beige 

Is it just me or does this packaging give off serious Urban Decay vibes? Visee My Nudy Eyes in Medium Beige is the ultimate nude palette. Each shade has shimmery, pearlescent tones that illuminate the skin, and the silky soft eyeshadows are formulated with nourishing ingredients. Medium Beige is a neutral choice that flatters all skin tones, and can even double as a highlighter powder!

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Japanese Eyeshadow Quads You Need To Try

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